Week of prayer

Monday, 21 July 2014 10:58

This week, from Monday to Friday from 6:00pm (21 -25 July), we will be meeting together each evening to pray together. Having come through the first half of the year, and seeing God’s grace to us in many ways we believe this is a key time for us to be praying together.


  • Prayer reminds us that God really loves us!
  • Prayer helps us understand how much we need God. The fact that we pray shows that we are helpless apart from Him.
  • Prayer is the only way that we can speak to God.
  • Prayer is warfare. We are currently very aware of how Satan is out to destroy what God is establishing. This also means that we shouldn’t be surprised when, in weeks like this we find it difficult to make times of prayer. Satan knows the power of prayer and so will attempt to hinder the prayers of God’s people – especially corporate prayers.
  • Praying together unites the church.
  • Praying together prepares us for what lies ahead. Next week we see other ministries like GPS and Life Groups starting again, and this week will provide us with the corporate joy of praying for God’s favour over all parts of Journey Church life.


There is so much more to prayer that I could say, but my encouragement to each member of The Journey Church is, prioritise this week. God works in response to the prayers of His people!